Football Star




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Garrett Cole Powers

Football Star


With love from,

Mom and Dad




Garrett Cole Powers, age 6, lived in San Angelo, Texas, loved football. His

all-time favorite team was the Denver Broncos and he loved to watch  John Elway in action.


Best of all, the Denver Broncos had made it to the Championship, and they

were going to play against the Dallas Cowboys. The game was going to start in

just a few minutes! Garrett was waiting for Tevin, Ty and Kelsey to join him in watching the game.


The crowd in the stadium sang the National Anthem, then gave a mighty cheer just

as the game was about to start. But Garrett was getting sleepy.

"I've just got to stay awake for the Championship game," thought Garrett as he

watched the coin toss. But Garrett was really tired, and he slowly fell into a deep sleep.


Then the strangest thing happened. As if by magic, Garrett suddenly found himself at the football stadium! The Championship was being played right in front of his eyes!


He heard the loudspeaker. "Attention ladies and gentlemen," the announcer called

out. "The Denver Broncos just asked if Garrett Cole Powers will join them for this game!"


Garrett couldn't believe his luck! John Elway came up to him and said, "Garrett, we need you on the team. If you'll help us out for the rest of the game, we just might be able to win the Championship!"


"I'll do the best I can," Garrett said.


The players quickly got Garrett into a uniform. Maybe it was a little big, but

Garrett didn't care. He was actually in a huddle with the Denver Broncos!


Garrett joined the Denver Broncos on the line of scrimmage. As he was facing

the Dallas Cowboys, he remembered the quarterback saying to him, "I want you to

go long and to the right, and then I'm going to pass the ball to you."

"I sure wish Tevin, Ty and Kelsey could see me now," thought Garrett to himself



Garrett ran as hard as he could. The ball seemed to sail through the air forever.  Garrett caught it and ran as fast as he could. The Dallas Cowboys tried to tackle him, but he was too fast!


The crowd went wild as Garrett scored a touchdown.

Later in the game, the score became tied. John Elway told Garrett that the coach wanted to see him.


"Garrett, we all know you can catch and run," the coach said. "But if you can kick a field goal, we can win this game."


"I'll try," Garrett said with a big smile.


The players ran back out to the field. The crowd grew silent.

The ball was snapped. Garrett kicked that ball with all his strength. It flew

through the air and sailed right over the goal post! Garrett had scored the winning points! The Denver Broncos had won the game!


It was like a dream! The other players hoisted Garrett above their shoulders and

marched him around the football field.  Garrett heard the loudspeaker announce. "Garrett Cole Powers has been chosen the Most Valuable Player today."


The crowd started cheering, "Garrett, Garrett, Garrett..."

"Garrett, Garrett, Garrett. Wake up!" Tevin, Ty and Kelsey called. "You must have fallen asleep. The game has already started."


"But I was just about to get my trophy for the Most Valuable Player Award," Garrett murmured as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.


"You'll always be the Most Valuable Player around here," Tevin, Ty and Kelsey

replied. "Now let's make some popcorn and watch the game!"


The End