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Steven Kyle Smith

And Batman solve the case of the stolen robot


With love from,

Aunt Gayle and Uncle Terry



Steven Kyle Smith, age 7, looked out the taxicab window.  He was very excited.  All around him were the skyscrapers of Gotham City.  Gotham was even bigger than he had imagined back at home in Corpus Christi, Texas with John, Mark and Amy.


Steven still couldn’t believe he had won the radio contest.  The prize was a free trip to the Toy Tower, the world’s biggest toy store!  It was closing for the night, and Steven was going to have the whole store to play in.


As Steven was getting out of the cab, he noticed a delivery van speeding away from the store.  The side of the van had the words “Felini Movers” written on it.


Steven caught a glimpse of the driver as the van passed.  The driver was wearing a dark mask with pointy ears.


“That’s weird,” Steven thought.  Maybe the driver was going to a costume party after work.  Steven shrugged.  Gotham City was a strange place.


Steven wanted to play with the world-famous KAT-2000, a catshaped robot made just for kids.  It could play games, help with chores, even make milkshakes.  Toy Tower had the only one in the whole world!


But when Steven went inside, he learned that the KAT-2000 had been stolen.  The police were looking for clues.  But the thief had left no trace.


The store manager sighed.  “We may never get the KAT-2000 back,” she said.


“Don’t be so sure of that,” said a deep voice.  Everyone turned to look.


Steven couldn’t believe it.  Batman was here!


Just then, Steven remembered something important.  He told Batman about the strange van he had seen.


“The driver was wearing a dark mask with pointy ears?” asked Batman.  “Hmmm…”


“There’s something else,” Steven said.  “I heard on TV that the KAT-2000 runs on a special kind of battery.  Won’t the thief need a supply of those?”


“Yes,” Batman looked at Steven.  “Could you identify that van if you saw it again?”


Steven nodded.


Batman smiled.  “Would you like to take a ride?”


Steven followed Batman to the Batmobile.  He could hardly believe this was happening.


“Where are we going?” he asked.


“To the Supervolt Battery Factory,” Batman said.  “That’s where the KAT-2000’s battery pack is made.  I have a feeling you’re right—the thief will have to stock up on the special batteries, or the robot will be useless.”


The Batmobile zoomed through the streets of Gotham City.  In no time at all Batman and Steven reached the factory.


“There it is!” Steven cried.  The “Felini Movers” delivery van was parked outside the factory.  A dark figure was loading crates into the van.


In the glow of a streetlight Steven saw the pointy ears of a mask.


“That’s the driver I saw,” he told Batman.


“Just as I suspected,” Batman said.  “It’s Catwoman.”  He pointed to something shiny in the back of the van.  “And there’s the KAT-2000.”


“Catwoman, it’s all over,” Batman announced as he leapt from the Batmobile.


“That’s what you think,” Catwoman replied.  She grabbed the KAT-2000 and ran.  Batman threw his Batarang, winding a rope around her legs.


“Look out!” Steven yelled.  “The KAT-2000 is going to fall.”


Steven jumped out of the Batmobile and caught the KAT-2000 just before it hit the ground.  The robot was safe.


“Nice work, Steven,” said Batman.


“Drat!” cried Catwoman.  “I really wanted that robot.  It’s purr-fect for me.”


“I get it,” Steven said.  “You’re a KAT burglar!”


Back at home in Corpus Christi, Texas, Steven told John, Mark and Amy all about his exciting adventure.  The police had arrived and arrested Catwoman.  Batman slipped away into the shadows.


The manager of Toy Tower was thrilled to get the KAT-2000 back.  Steven finally got his tour of the toy store—with the amazing robot as his guide.  And best of all, Steven got a postcard in the mail.


“Dear Steven,” it said.  “Thanks for your help solving the KAT-2000 crime.  I couldn’t have done it without you.



The End

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