Mother Goose


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Lauren Elaine Smith

and Mother Goose

With best wishes from

Pawpaw Greg

July 4 2017




One sunny day Lauren Elaine Smith, age 2 from Port Allen, LA, was enjoying the afternoon with Jeremiah, Allie & Arianna. Suddenly, Mother Goose landed in front of her.


“Oh fiddle de de, fiddle de dum, I was visiting Old King Cole and I have lost my way home!’’ exclaimed Mother Goose.


Please do not worry, Mother Goose. I will help you find your way home, “Lauren offered eagerly.


They soon came upon and old woman living in a giant shoe.


“Let’s ask for directions,” suggested Lauren.


There were so many children playing that Mother Goose and Lauren didn’t know what to do.


In the distance Lauren saw brightly colored balloons flying high in the air. So, they strolled down the cobblestone road toward Humpty Dumpty’s house.


“Oh help, I’m falling!” yelled Humpty Dumpty.


‘We will put you back together again,” reassured the king’s men.


Everyone was very busy helping Humpty Dumpty, so Lauren and Mother Goose decide to ask someone else for directions.


“Up ahead I see Little Miss Muffet sitting on a tuffet.


I’ll bet she can help, “said Lauren.


But everyone was frightened away by a huge spider wearing a little brown hat. Lauren was so scared she wished Jeremiah, Allie & Arianna could have been there to help.


They wandered a while and came upon a beautiful garden of colorful flowers with smiling faces.


“The blossoms are beautiful, Mary, Mary! How does your garden grow?” inquired Lauren.


“With silver bells and cockle shells, and pretty maids all in a row",


answered Mary, Mary, quite contrary.


Lauren and Mother Goose followed the path and heard pretty music from a distant fiddle. As they strolled closer, Lauren saw a cow jump over the moon and a dish run away with the spoon. Everybody laughed so much to see such a sight that Lauren forgot to ask for directions.


Lauren looked up and saw a huge pumpkin house with windows in a lovely garden.


“Let’s ask Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater, for help,” suggested Lauren.


“Can you help Mother Goose find her way home?” Lauren asked Peter, Peter.


“I would love to help, but I am busy eating pumpkins,” replied Peter, Peter.


A merry melody caught the attention of Lauren and Mother goose. Everyone was skipping in a circle and playing ring around the rosies.


“Come on, let’s join the fun!” giggled Lauren.


So, Mother Goose and Lauren played until they all fell down.


Lauren turned around and heard the tic-toc tic of hickory, dickory, dock.


“I see a giant clock with a happy face,”


announced Lauren. The clock struck one and a small, grey mouse ran down.


Lauren remarked, “Gee whiz, it’s getting late. I must return to my home in Port Allen, LA. Jeremiah, Allie & Arianna will be worried.”


Lauren told Mother Goose, “Twinkle, twinkle little star will guide us to your home.”


Mother Goose thanked Lauren for helping her return home. Lauren waved good-bye and promised to visit Mother Goose again.


Lauren though, “I can’t wait to tell Jeremiah, Allie & Arianna about my wonderful adventure.”



Lauren Elaine Smith,


Enjoy this book.


A special gift from


Pawpaw Greg