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#602 My Book of Prayers

"My Book of Prayers"

was created especially for


Karen Frances Fuller

at the age of 6


With Love From,

Mom & Dad

April, 2002



Karen Fuller, how wonderful it is to be able to talk to God!  When you or Judy, John, and Micheal talk to God, it is called praying.


You can pray anywhere you go in San Diego, California.  In fact, Karen, you can pray anywhere you go in this whole wide world that God has made.



Sometimes, Karen, you may wonder about the words to say to God.  You want to thank Him for all He does for you throughout your day.  This special book was written to help you talk to God.


You can pray anytime, Karen, no matter what you are doing.  God is always ready to listen to you.  You can even make up your own prayers.  Say anything and everything you want to God.




In the morning, Karen, awaken with a smile on your face. Thank God for a brand new day!


Dear God, who kept me through the night

and woke me with the morning light,

Let me thank you for this day

now before I run to play.

Help me, Lord, to love you more

than I have ever loved before.

In my work and in my play,

be with me throughout my day.





On some mornings, Karen, do you wake up like a hungry bear who has been sleeping all winter long?  Here is a prayer you can use with any of your meals.


God is great and God is good.

Let us thank Him for this food.

By His hands we all are fed.

Thank you for our daily bread.





It's great to be alive, Karen!  There are so many fun things to do with Judy, John, and Micheal.  Maybe today you'll read or write or play.  Remember to thank God for your:


Two little eyes to look to God;

Two little ears to hear His Word;

Two little feet to walk in His ways;

Two little lips to sing His praise;

Two little hands to do His will;

And one little heart to love Him still.




Karen, it must make you very happy to know you are surrounded by people who love you so much.


Dear God, thank you for my family and friends.  Please help me to say only kind words to Judy, John, and Micheal.


Dear God, please let me play in a loving, sharing way with Judy, John, and Micheal today.  Amen.




Animals can be your friends also, Karen.  Have you ever watched a puppy chase its tail or two kittens playfully biting each other?  God must have made animals to be loved and hugged!


Lord, please bless the puppies and

kittens and bunnies and chicks and

ponies and hamsters.  Oh, and don't

forget the turtles and frogs and

fish.  Thank you for all my animal

friends.  Amen.




This book of prayers was written for you, Karen, to make it easier for you to talk to God.  Share it with Judy, John, and Micheal.  You may wonder if God hears all your prayers.




Karen, God answers your prayers.  Sometimes, the answer is YES.  Sometimes, it is NO.  However, there are times when the answer is WAIT!  Listen for His answers in your heart, Karen Fuller.




Karen, when you are outside playing, do you look around to see what God has given you to enjoy outdoors?  Have you ever climbed a tall tree or smelled a beautiful flower or looked for funny shapes in the clouds?


Dear God, thank you for the clouds

in the sky, and the rainbows I can

see.  Thank you for the green grass

and the flowers and the trees.

Thank you, God, for this world and

all that you have made for me.





Being happy makes you feel good all over, doesn't it, Karen?  Remember fun times: laughing and playing with Judy, John, and Micheal, eating warm cookies fresh from the oven, or watching a parade in San Diego, California.


Dear God, every time I tell you

about all the happy things I do that

make me smile, I'm really thanking

you for my day.  Amen.




Karen, you are such a happy girl.  But it's okay to have some sad and mad times too.  Maybe one of your favorite toys was broken or lost.  Maybe someone said something to you and hurt your feelings.  Or maybe you're just having a good time and must stop to take a bath or go to bed.


You know, Lord, sometimes when I'm

sad I do things I shouldn't.  Please

forgive me when I do something I

know is not right.  Amen.




Karen, it isn't fun to be sick!  Have you ever been sick and had to stay in bed all day long?  What did you do to keep from being bored?  Did you know that just about everybody gets sick at some time in their lives?


Dear Lord, I feel yucky today.  I'm sick.  Please help me to get better soon.  I know you hear my prayer because just talking to you makes me feel better.  Amen.




Are you afraid of the dark, Karen?  Have you ever had bad dreams or scary thoughts about monsters?  You might even be frightened of bugs or thunderstorms.  Probably just about everyone is scared of something.  However, praying will help you feel better.


Dear God, I'm really, really scared.

Thank you for always being with me.

Please keep me safe and help me not

to feel so afraid.  Amen.




Karen, this is a special bedtime prayer that many little boys and girls say each night:


Now I lay me down to sleep.

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

God, go with me through the night,

And wake me with Your morning light.




At bedtime, Karen, your prayer to God can be a big Thank You for watching over you during the day and this night while you sleep.


Dear God, bless the people who take care of me and love me.  Thank you for watching over all of us today and through the night.  Thank you, God, for everything you do for me.  I love you, God!  Amen.