"Flooty Hobbs and the Jiggling, Jolly Gollywobber"



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"Flooty Hobbs and the

Jiggling, Jolly Gollywobber"

was created especially for


Angela Rea Johnson

at the age of 7


With Love From,

Mommy & Daddy

December 25, 2001


Page 4


My name is Flooty Hobbs.  Maybe you know me... maybe you don't.  There is a 7 year old named Angela Rea Johnson who knows me all too well.


Page 7


I was the scariest bedtime monster in San Diego, California.  Why, I had no trouble scaring Lori, Lisa, and Becky.  I used to be great!  Everyone was afraid of me.


Until I met Angie.


Page 8


I'll never forget that awful night when Angie got the best of me.  The whole thing is just dreadful.  Now, I'll never be the same (sniff).


Page 11


As always, I waited through the usual bedtime routine.


     First, the night clothes.


     Then, teeth were brushed.


     At last, the bedtime story was told.


Page 12


Finally, the lights went out in Angie's bedroom.  It was time for me to make my appearance.


Page 15


I approached Angie's bed with all my scary friends.  As usual, I got to go first. I made my most frightening face.  But all I heard from under the covers was, "Tee hee, tee hee, you don't scare me!"


Page 16


"Step aside, Flooty," said Spooky Luke, as he pushed me away.  Luke pulled his cheeks apart to make his famous, wide-mouth face. Then he turned to face Angie.  Again came, "Tee hee, tee hee, you don't scare me!"


Page 19


One by one, we all took turns making our scary faces... and one by one, we all got the same response from Angie.  We were very puzzled.  Finally, we all decided to make our faces together on the count of one... two...


Page 20




Page 23


This time, Angie remained silent.  A quiet stillness filled the air. We blinked in the darkness.


Page 24


Straining to hear, I leaned closer to Angie's bed.  Then, we all leaned closer... and closer still.


Page 27


Suddenly, Angie's covers flew off and out jumped a Jiggling, Jolly Gollywobber!  Everyone shrieked, shrank and scattered, except for me. I just stood and trembled.


Page 28


...And who could blame me?  Angie knew that a Gollywobber, (especially a jolly one that jiggles), is one thing that strikes terror into the hearts of all bedtime monsters, including me, Flooty Hobbs.  Angie had tricked us!


Page 31


"You don't have to be afraid," said the Gollywobber.  "I'm really Angie Johnson.  If you look closer, you'll see I'm just pretending to be a Gollywobber. I can see that you and your friends are nothing more than shadows in the dark.  You're nothing to be afraid of."


Page 32


With that, I knew Angie would never look at me the same way, so I had to leave in ruin... never to return.


Page 35


The last thing I heard Angie say as she snuggled under the covers was, "Tee hee, tee hee, you'll never scare me." And you know, she was right.


Page 36


From this day forward, everyone

will know that Angie Johnson



"The Kid Who Isn't Afraid!"