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# 528 Wedding Memories







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This book has been created to

celebrate the marriage of

Kelly Burkheiser


Derek Moreno

December 8, 2001

St. Mary's of the Hill Church

Rochester Hills


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After months of planning and anticipation, the special day had finally arrived.  Kelly and Derek, who first met in College, were about to be married.  The wonderful relationship they had established had grown and they had decided to become husband and wife.


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The guests assembled at St. Mary's of the Hill Church in Rochester Hills to witness the happy event.  Craig and TJ greeted family and friends and ushered them to their seats.


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Ann Marie was the Maid of Honor.  Diane was the Matron of Honor.  Dawn and Angie also attended.  Many weddings have flower girls, but none as adorable as Makayla.  The responsibilities of ring bearer were assigned to Brandon, who stood proudly by the groom.  Having friends and family with them on their wedding day was very important to Kelly and Derek.


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The bride appeared at the entrance with her Father.  Proceeding in, Kelly smiled, recognizing relatives and special friends.  The proud groom awaited his bride with his best man, Seann.  Derek was also supported by Eric and John.  Taking her place beside him, Kelly turned to face Derek.  A look of love and understanding passed between them.


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The Priest opened with specially chosen words on the significance of marriage.  The couple exchanged their solemn vows, promising to love and honor each other for the rest of their lives.  The ring ceremony was especially moving, for it symbolized their lifelong commitment.  After the ceremony, the Priest introduced the radiant couple as husband and wife.


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Following the ceremony, everyone gathered at Blossom Heath Inn to congratulate the happy couple and to wish them well in the future.  On leaving for their honeymoon on a Western Carribean Cruise, the newlyweds realized that this was the beginning of their new life together.


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Derek and Kelly returned to settle into their first home at 610 Greenbriar St..  From this moment forward, they would share in all life had to offer.  They were confident that their mutual respect would guide them through any trying times they may encounter.


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Kelly and Derek were grateful to both of their parents for the support they received at this very special time.


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With Love From,

Dad and Mom

December 8, 2001