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This book was written

in honor of


Mike Smith

to celebrate his retirement from


Ford Motor Company

December 1, 2002



With love from

Mom and Dad

December 25, 2002


Page 4

Mike Smith officially retired from Ford Motor Company on December 1, 2002.  He had spent 20 long, tough years on the job and was now looking forward to a change of pace.  The adjustment from a hectic work schedule to a life of leisure would not be easy for Mike.  He was known to Wayne, John and Missy as a hard worker, one who could always be counted on regardless of the circumstances.


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"Hey Mike, have you finished that rush job that was due yesterday?"


Page 6

One thing Mike wouldn't miss was the daily grind.  Getting up early each day, working all morning without a break, grabbing a quick lunch, and staying late at night would soon be a thing of the past.  Mike rarely took a day off and generally skipped his vacation to help Wayne, John and Missy at work.


Page 7 - picture

Mike often worked twelve hours and slept twelve hours.  His boss was upset because they were the same twelve hours.


Page 8

Mike had had a long, distinguished career.  His last job, vice-president at Ford Motor Company undoubtedly was one of the most important in the organization.  Mike often commented that they would have a tough time finding a replacement for him.


Page 9 - picture

"You want a replacement for Mike?  What about that new kid in the mail room?"


Page 10

Retirement would provide Mike and Kimberly with an opportunity to travel.  Being a highly organized individual, Mike could go anywhere at a moment's notice.


Page 11 - picture

"Mike, it says 'pack light,' not 'pack the light.' "


Page 12

Retirement would also provide Mike and Kimberly with a chance to spend more time with Mary, Beth and Dave.  Being such a popular individual, Mike wondered if he would ever have any time to himself.


Page 13 - picture

"I don't care if your bags are already packed, Mike.  Could you at least wait until we invite you?"


Page 14

Mike was looking forward to a life of leisure.  Relaxing mornings, pleasant lunches, peaceful strolls and time for his favorite activities, such as swimming and running, would fill his days.  The daily grind would quickly be forgotten.


Page 15 - picture

"Sorry Mike, I don't care what the doctor ordered.  You can't come back to work for a rest!"


Page 16

While most people fear the economic uncertainties of retirement, Mike and Kimberly had nothing to worry about.  Mike's motto was "A penny saved is a penny earned."  His sound investments over the years had built a comfortable nest egg.


Page 17 - picture

"How could I be out of money?  I still have checks left!"


Page 18

Mike's retirement get-together was attended by family and special friends.  As always, Mike tried to entertain everyone with stories about his achievements, however small.  The enraptured crowd hung on his every word.  They had to - it was his party!


Page 19 - picture

"Thank goodness Mike will only retire once!"


Page 20

With love from


Mom and Dad


December 25, 2002