My Birthday Surprise (Grownup Version)

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#505b  My Birthday Surprise (Grownup Version)


“My Birthday Surprise”

was created especially for


Ronald E. Olsen


Happy “60th” Birthday!,

We Love You,

Lisa, Roy & Kelsey


October 22, 2004


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Yes, it was birthday time again, October 22.  Ronnie Olsen of San Angelo, Texas, had reached yet another major plateau in his life – age 60.


Ronnie was a high flier, a born leader, and a man of many accomplishments.  There was no doubt about it – Ronnie was a legend in his own mind.


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Lisa, Roy, Alysa, and Jamie had planned a big birthday bash for Ronnie this year.  Hand-written invitations had been sent to all his friends.


Fortunately for Lisa, Roy, Alysa, and Jamie, the job had been very easy.  Only a few invitations had to be written.


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Lisa, Roy, Alysa, and Jamie had spent a lot of time developing a theme for this special birthday party.  It was


Ronnie Olsen

The ten keys to success

in your life


Obviously, the theme was a very popular one.  The party room was packed.


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Lisa, Roy, Alysa, and Jamie started his success story by explaining that the path Ronnie had followed through life had been met with a series of closed doors.  Over the years, judging from the shape of his beak, many of these doors had been slammed in his face.


Despite these setbacks, Ronnie had still managed to become a success in San Angelo, Texas.  It was evident that these ten keys had worked a miracle for Ronnie.


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Ronnie and the rest of the party group were quiet when Lisa, Roy, Alysa, and Jamie announced the first key to his success.


“Always be full of hot air.”


Ronnie had devoted much of his life to achieving this goal.  Those who knew him agreed that he was definitely full of it.


Page 15


The second key of success was


“Stay young.”


Ronnie maintained his youthful appearance by following a strict exercise program.  His favorite activity seemed to be jogging to the refrigerator.


Unfortunately, staying young was difficult after 60 birthday celebrations.  In fact, lighting the candles on his birthday cake was considered a fire hazard for Ronnie and everyone else present at the party.


Page 16


Believing that


“No mountain is too hard to climb”


was another component of the success formula for Ronnie.


Anyone who had ever seen Ronnie demolish a mountain of ice cream topped with whipped cream and a cherry realized the truth of this statement.  He could whittle it down in seconds.


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The fourth key was a critical factor in making Ronnie the success he is.


“Surround yourself with intelligent,

responsible people.”


Ronnie always kept snapshots of his trusted friends in his wallet.  Come to think of it, that was about all you could ever find in his wallet!


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The excitement of the party had almost been too much for everyone.  They decided to briefly interrupt this spell-binding “Success Story” and have Ronnie open his many gifts.


Nobody had trouble buying Ronnie a present.  After all, what can’t you buy for a man who needs everything?


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After watching Ronnie open his gifts, the anxious crowd was eager to hear the fifth key to his success.  It was


“Don’t be a horse’s … behind.”


Unfortunately, Ronnie couldn’t help himself.  It was just his nature.


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The saga of Ronnie continued.  The next key to his success was


“Enjoy the sweet things in life.”


There are many sweet things in life:  the presence of a wonderful companion, adventure-filled vacations and lots of money.


Whenever Ronnie wanted to enjoy sweet things, he went to his pantry.  This was the only source of sweet things for Ronnie.


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The seventh key was vitally important for social climbers like Ronnie:


“Don’t forget from whence

you came.”


On his long climb up the ladder of success, Ronnie never once forgot his roots.  He was so very proud of all his ancestors.


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To really be successful, you must


“Only play games you can win.”


Talented individuals like Ronnie pride themselves on their athletic and business prowess.  Very few adults had ever beaten Ronnie at any of his favorite games.  Everybody knew he would have a temper tantrum if they did.


Page 31


“Blow your own horn”


was certainly another vital part of his success formula.


Everyone agreed that if Ronnie didn’t blow his own horn, nobody would do it for him.  In fact, he kept stacks of horns and whistles handy for all the important moments in his life.  Ronnie would do almost anything to call attention to himself!


Page 32


Ronnie always maintained that, to be successful, you must


“Picture yourself as you want to be.”


Ronnie thought that once he was successful, his portrait would be hung in the homes of all of his friends.


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Now you know the ten keys to the success in your life.  We had originally planned to have you say a few words, but we remembered that brevity is not one of your ten keys.


Congratulations on yet another “successful” year.  Happy Birthday!


Lisa, Roy & Kelsey


October 22, 2004