Note: Story shown here may not be exact. Santa's Story

Santa's Story

This is the Story of Christmas, as told by Santa Himself,
for the Santa in all of us!

6 1/2 by 8" Hard Cover

When ordering, include the following:  Child's name, age, gender, hometown and a toy.

Here's the whole book!

This book was made for Jessica Smith
age 5,
Mom and Dad

'Twas the Night Before Christmas
and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring
not even a mouse

Jessica in her nightshirt settled into bed
while visions of Barbie dolls danced in her head.

You've heard this before, the story's not new,
But I've added a twist, your name's in here, too!

I'm jolly, I'm round and I wear a red suit
I visit Jessie's home, in a sled filled with "loot"

And what is this "loot" that I bring in my sled?
simply toys, like dolls and balls that are red.

There are clothes and shoes and candy canes pink,
and then there's some coal, for the bad kids I think!

Some say that I'm Santa, some say I'm a fad,
some folks even say, I look just like your dad.

But one thing's for certain, on this special night
the world stops its churning, and pushing its might.

Smoke stacks are turned off, workers go home,
machines become silent, from Atlanta to Rome.

Up in the sky, late at night there's a glow,
Where a special star twinkled many years ago.

Peace and goodwill fill our hearts from the light,
Mary gave birth to Baby Jesus that night.

Wise men brought gifts, they came from afar,
they found their way there, they followed the star.

The rest of the story is told in a book,
called the Bible, it's great, one day take a look.

Now onward and upward, I'll fly through the night
I'm still the tradition of what's good and what's right

And because you'll get presents, I know Christmas day
will not be forgotten as you laugh and you play.

But remember the reason for peace and great joy,
It comes from our Christ, not just from a toy.

So, Jessica, hang your stockings by the chimney with care,
don't worry about me, I'll still be there.

I'll drink up the milk, eat the cookies you leave,
I do it each year, the same time Christmas Eve.

My Reindeer are ready, the time is just right,
Go to sleep now Jessica Smith, Merry Christmas, good night.

Copyright 1993 Hefty Publishing Company
Written by John Hefty