Kids Story Book CDs

Personalized, interactive, animated, audio CD story books.

Cost $20.00

These unique CD storybooks, from Kids Story Books®, allow you to select the child’s name, race, eye color, hair color and gender making these CD storybooks truly personalized. For children ages 3 to 7.

Your child will hear the story read to them as well as see the words on the screen. They can then interact with the story by clicking on certain objects in the scene that respond when activated. They can also turn off the narration if they choose and try to read the story themselves and move forward to the next scene at their own pace. Every scene also has a vocabulary icon that turns on the visual dictionary when the mouse glides over an object.

Our CD storybooks are not only fun but also educational. Look at all the great features:

  • The only fully personalized interactive audio storybook on the CD market
  • The computer reads the story to your child
  • Enhances reading skills and includes vocabulary builder
  • Customized for gender, race, hair color, and eye color
  • More than 2,000 boy and girl names and the list is growing
  • Child can read at his or her own pace
  • Animation and interactive means FUN, FUN, FUN!
  • Every scene of every story can be printed for coloring
  • Every Story Book CD comes with a maze game with three levels
  • Appeals to adults as well as children

We know that your child will enjoy this one-of-a kind, personalized and interactive audio CD storybook.

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My Pet Dinosaur interactive storybook CD My Pet Dinosaur

Your child goes to the pet store with his or her mother. He falls in love with the most adorable giant green dinosaur. The child and the dinosaur become fast friends and go everywhere together. They go to school, they go to the playground, they go into town, they play hide and seek, they have lots of fun. The dinosaur makes a big impression everywhere they go. At the end of the day your child goes happily to sleep with the best pet of all.

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My Neptune Voyage interactive storybook CD My Neptune Voyage

Your child goes to the library and sees an exhibit on space. He or she checks out a book on Neptune and dreams of going there. Your child can’t help asking many questions about Neptune that just can’t be answered until Glixy lands his spaceship in your child’s backyard. Glixy says, “Please do not fear, I was at home on Neptune, just reading my book, when I overheard your wish, so I came to take a look.” Glixy takes your child in his spaceship to Neptune where he meets the most beautiful assortment of aliens this side of the galaxy. They play all day on Neptune until Glixy warns your child that his or her parents may worry. So he takes your child home and in the morning awakes, wondering if it was real or all just a dream.

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My Lucky Leprechaun interactive storybook CD My Lucky Leprechaun

It’s a rainy day and your child is bored until it stops raining and he or she goes outside. Your child jumps on a trampoline, and goes so high that he lands on a rainbow crossing the sky. When he slides down the rainbow he lands on a leprechaun. The leprechaun’s name is Lucky and he agrees to take your child to Shamrock Lane. The road to Shamrock Lane goes through the Tunnel of Trolls and the Magical Forest. Your child dances and sings with Lucky, he meets trolls and princesses and fairies and sprites. Your child is enchanted until it’s time to go home, but Lucky tells him that the next time it rains he find him again at rainbow’s end.

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Peek a Zoo interactive storybook CD My Day at Peek-a-Zoo

This is a wonderful story of a child's adventure at their local Zoo. Your child goes to the PEEK-A-ZOO! a place that good children get invited to go. A place where all of the animals talk!

The child helps a lost penguin find its way home in the Zoo. Along the way the child helps other animals with silly situations, from helping an owl add to providing a skateboard to a turtle for easy transportation. The graphics and animation of this story will not only hold your child's attention. You too will find yourself, navigating across the story helping the little penguin find its way home.

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System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
Processor: 600 MHz Intel Pentium III or equivalent
Memory: 128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended)
Sound: Sound card and speakers

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