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Few things in life are more precious than watching a child's response to these personalized storybooks. They'll find reading exciting because the story is about them. We'll make that special child in your life the star of their very own hard bound book filled with quality text and professional illustrations throughout.  From the moment your child opens one of our books, the magical adventure begins. These will be books that your child will cherish forever.

We feature the exclusive titles of Hefty Publishing, the world's oldest and most respected publisher of personalized children's books and creators of Create-A-Book®. We also offer Best Personalized Books, the leading personalized book company authorized to produce and distribute books featuring many of your favorite popular characters. Including your favorites from Sesame Street! TM ©2006 Sesame Workshop  and so many more.

Enjoy browsing through the pages of our catalog and discover the magic that we can bring to you and your loved ones. Reading is Fun when the Story is about You!

Happy Reading!

Why do I publish personalized books?

Books have always been one of the most valued items brought into the home where there are children. Teachers say the common denominator to learning is READING. Most parents and grandparents know this too. Books are more than just birthday and seasonal gifts, because they educate young minds both with the content and with the reading practice needed to succeed. As a former teacher I value these books as a creative learning tool.

So when you are looking for a special gift for someone. Remember I have just what you need right here, a website of quality books that can be rightfully called keepsakes. Books that teach as they entertain. Books that pull the child into the story. Books that make your child feel special. Books that the child will keep, and will not sell at the garage sale when they grow older.

If you think I believe Personalized books and gifts are special, you're right. I do. And that's why I publish them.

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Are you part of an organization that is looking for an awesome way to raise money for your cause? Our personalized books and interactive music CDs are a perfect way to do that. Not only are you raising money for a great cause, we also offer special discounts and pricing to those participating!

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